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No830 Inspired by Halfeti is a harmonious blend of sensual aromas, carefully crafted to transport you to the world of Middle East.

Notes similar to that found in Halfeti ®  

Main accords : woody, warm spicy, aromatic, fresh, oud, powdery, rose, amber, citrus

Top Notes:  Citrus and Spice

Heard notes: Bergamot and Grapefruit

Base notes: Saffron, woody notes

Amber woody group


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Halfeti Inspired – No830 is an Amber Woody fragrance

Halfeti Inspired – No830

Halfeti Inspired – No830 – Halfeti Inspired – No830 opens with a rich citruses notes herbs and spices while blending bergamot and grapefruit with cypress needles. The heart notes develops floral notes of jasmine, while the base notes introduces warm aromas and woody and vanilla notes.

Halfeti Inspired – 830 is a luxurious fragrance that captures the essence of the mythical places in Middle East. So inspired by the rich history and captivating beauty of Middle East. Halfeti Inspired – No830 is a blend of sensual aromas that transport you to a world of mystery and allure.

So, why not escape to the Middle East world of mystery with our captivating fragrance, No830 Inspired by Halfeti. Therefore experience the mystery and allure for yourself and see why it’s becoming a must-have for perfume lovers everywhere.


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5 Tricks to make your perfume last longer (suggestions)                                                                 
No830 Inspired by Halfeti
Have you wondered why the scent of your perfume only lasts for like two hours max before it starts to fade away? Hate to break it to you, but the answer is in exactly how (and where) you’re applying your perfume, and you’re probably doing it wrong. (I know, I’ve been there.) Don’t stress though, because I’ve compiled a list of 5 easy perfume hacks to help you figure out how to apply perfume and make it last for hours so you smell really good. Keep reading for all of the tips and tricks.
How to apply perfume Tip 1: Spray it on your clothes                                                                       
No830 Inspired by Halfeti
Don’t just stick to spraying perfume on your body spritz it all over your clothes too because clothing fibres are able to hold in scents for a very long time.
How to apply perfume Tip 2: Spritz, Do not Mist                                                                                   
No830 Inspired by Halfeti
Do you know how some people spray a bunch of perfume into the air and then walk through it? Yeah, don’t do that—you’re just wasting product and the scent will evaporate after a short amount of time. A direct spritz on to bare skin is all you need to keep the perfume scent on you for longer.
How to apply perfume Tip 3: Rup vaseline on first                                                                           
No830 Inspired by Halfeti
Rub Vaseline on your pulse points before spraying your perfume to make the scent last longer. Therefor after that the ointment holds the fragrance to your skin longer than if you were to spray it onto dry skin.
How to apply perfume Tip 4: Spray your perfume right after taking a shower                                   
No830 Inspired by Halfeti
The moisture on your skin will help lock in the scent.  Therefore this will also prevent the perfume from staining super delicate clothes.
In conclusion how to apply perfume Tip 5: Do not rub your wrists together                                                                 
Don’t dab the perfume on your wrists after spraying. If you rub your wrists together, you’ll force the scent to disappear faster than intended—aka your perfume won’t last as long.


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42 reviews for *No830 | Inspired by Halfeti

  1. Leona

    Wonderful perfume and excellent service by the gentleman in the shop. I got No830 its smells exactly like Halfeti, i love it. Was told that they also do free delivery in the UK 🙂

  2. James

    Love this scent it reminds you of Middle East scents. Full of Oud and woody notes. Lasts all day and smells just like Halfeti. I Will definitely buy this again, super-fast delivery

  3. Aaron

    This is a strong scent, it smells perfectly like Halfet and lasts a long long time. I will definitely be buying more from F&G.

  4. Martin (verified owner)

    Fantastic, this fragrance is exactly what I was looking for, lasted all day and really woody as I like it. Smell also exactly like the original.

  5. Chris (verified owner)

    Smells exactly like the real Halfeti and lasts all day! 5 stars 🙂

  6. Marcus (verified owner)

    Smells divine and so strong, can not even tell the difference wih the original one. I love woody fragrances and this is so so nice and strong. Lasts all day, amazing!

  7. Ron Liles (verified owner)

    Went to a shopping outlet and smelt the official Halfeti just a day before…. It smells EXACTLY the same, not just a little bit like it….. THE SAME!

    If your considering it, just get it. You’ll be as amazed and happy as I am.

  8. Martin (verified owner)

    This is an amazing fragrance, I used to have the original Halfeti and I can confirm this exactly the same. The fragrance lasts for hours. Very very impressed. Thank you so much Fragrance and Glamour x

  9. Simon P (verified owner)

    Omg this smells like the real Halfeti, have been complimented on it all day! It is so strong as well, I sprayed 10am and I can still smell it same day 10pm. Highly recommended.

  10. david woodward

    bought the 830 . i can honestly it smells the same as the real halfeti penhaligon’s , staff at the southport shop very helpful no pushy sales they was glad to help you . will be buying from again .

  11. Nicola (verified owner)

    So impressed with No830 it smells exactly like the real Halfeti. Even I had a compliment from a stranger in our local market of how nice I smell. I will definitely be back for more.

  12. Wayne

    No 830 smells exactly like the original Halfeti by Penhaligon’s at a fraction of the price. I am very impressed with its long-lasting smell.

  13. Paul

    This fragrance smells exactly like the Halfeti Penhaligon’s. I have tried the Halfeti before, quite expensive for me, and other inspired smelling fragrances, but nothing comes so close to this fragrance No830. This is amazing and so strong Eau de Parfum. 5 stars, thank you

  14. Kelvin

    Amazing, this is the best Halfeti copy. I love it. It lasts for ages and it smells so strong like the real Halfeti. Fast delivery as well. 5 starts. I will back for the biggest one next time

  15. Mike

    Brilliant, smells just like the Halfeti Penhaligon’s and it last for ages. Thank you

  16. Dawn E

    This fragrance is such a good value and smells so strong and is so so close to Halfeti. I ordered the 50ml next time defo the 100ml. Great customer service.

  17. Aaron E

    Amazing, I have been wearing Halfeti Penhaligo’s for a long time. I am so so impressed. It does last for hours and it smells 100% the same to the original Halfeti. 5 stars 🙂

  18. Angie

    I ordered the 50ml for my partner as he loves Halfeti Penhaligon’s. Absolutely fantastic scent, smells like the original Halfeti. Last nearly all day. Great customer service, thank you so much

  19. Haadee H

    5 Stars
    This is the best copy I have smelled so far. Extremely strong eau de parfum, last for ages. Smell so so close to Halfeti Penhaligo’s amazing for only £20. I will back for more 100%.

  20. Yasmin

    I can not believe how strong and woody this fragrance is and also how long it last throughout the day. Smells exactly like the real Halfeti Penhaligon’s, amazing. This was a great purchase. Defo I will back for more.

  21. Becky

    Real Impressed 🙂
    I am a first time buyer, after reading other reviews I decided to order No830. Omg the fragrance is amazing, smells exactly like Halfeti Penhaligons and lasts all day. I love woody fragrances and this one is so so similar to the real Halfeti. I will definitely be buying again. Thank you 🙂 x

  22. Luca

    I ordered the 30ml small bottle to check how it smells like and it just smells like the original Halfeti Penhaligon’s amazing experience and honestly lasts all day. Next time I will order the large bottle, highly recommended

  23. Lynsey N

    This is a long lasting fragrance
    The scent smells great exactly like Halfeti and actually lasts all day which I was not expecting! Great price as well. Will be purchasing again.

  24. Pat A

    No830 smells expensive and woody like the real Halfeti Penhaligon’s, I work in a customer service and I get so many compliments everyday how strong and nice I smell. I am so happy that I found this website, not going anywhere else from now on, thank you F&G. Highly recommended. 5 stars customer service. xx

  25. Danny

    Very happy with this fragrance smells almost identical to Halfeti Penhaligons and lasts all day and night. Top stuff!

  26. Arsalan

    I am receiving so many compliments every day from this perfume. I love deep and woody scents and this one it reminds me Middle East. Great job, smell the same to Halfeti and it is extremely strong x

  27. Nicholas

    This product is so so Good
    Smells like the original Halfeti and lasted longer on me than the original. Very impressed. Great quality great product, strongly recommended

  28. Greg (verified owner)

    This fragrance smells so strong oud as I like it. I love Halfeti and this is a fantastic copy and lasts long as well. I ordered this online as my colleague at work recommended me Fragrance and Glamour. Great customer service x

  29. Andy (verified owner)

    I recently order No830 and I must say, I’m absolutely in love with this fragrance. It smells so similar to Halfeti and is so strong as well. The blend of floral and spicy notes is just perfect. Also I’ve received several compliments on this fragrance, and it’s become my go-to scent for special occasions. I highly recommend No830 if you like oriental woody, spicy, sophisticated and luxurious fragrances.

  30. Ben (verified owner)

    If you’re a fan of dark, mysterious scents, you have to try No830 its smells exactly like Halfeti by Penhaligon’s. It’s a beautiful blend of spices, florals, and musk that creates a unique and memorable fragrance. I believe it is the perfect scent for a special occasion or just to feel luxurious every day. Highly recommend!

  31. Lauren (verified owner)

    This is such a good copy and the perfume last for all day.

  32. Peter

    I have received numerous compliments every time I wear Halfeti. I did not expect it to have such impressive longevity; I can still smell it even after six hours. Definitely going for the larger bottle on my next order.

  33. Christina

    Thank you guys, you have done an excellent job with this fantastic fragrance by offering the best blend available in the market. Also the longevity is truly impressive. I look forward to returning for future purchases. Thank you F&G

  34. Warren

    Bought this fragrance along with a couple more at the weekend from the store at Southport, what a scent and recommended by the wonderful gentleman inside. It’s so strong and WOW does it last all day too. All the reviews can’t be wrong so try some of the others as they are just as good and a great match to originals too. Great work F&G

  35. Paul

    I believe this is the best and long-lasting version of Halfeti. It has great projection and longevity, and I receive many compliments throughout the day. Highly recommended, a 5-star product.

  36. Nick

    This is so similar to Halfeti Penhaligon’s and last for ages

  37. Nasha

    This is a great woody strong perfume, delivered in two days, great customer service.

  38. Fi (verified owner)

    I’m in a happy place, the smell of 830 is sensational and it is truly inspired. Penhaligon’s Halfeti is the real deal, but this scent is 100% the same and deliciously warm, spicy, woody and floral with zest.

  39. Tom T

    This fragrance is absolutely beautiful. I loved it so much that I now use it daily as my main aftershave.

  40. Linda (verified owner)

    You won’t be disappointed if you are trying to replace the expensive original Halfeti with this. It is an exact copy, only some of the top notes are slightly sweeter in the original on application, but after they’ve dried down you honestly couldn’t tell them apart. A lingering loveliness which lasts all day and receives plenty of compliments. I’ve gone through x3 100ml bottles & there is no change from one order to the next in quality and smell, perfect.

  41. Charlie

    This is the best Halfeti-inspired fragrance on the market, and it has incredible longevity.

  42. Steve

    I’m amazed by how incredibly similar and strong this fragrance is—it smells exactly like Halfeti and boasts a lasting power of over 8 hours. Highly recommended for anyone seeking a luxurious and enduring scent.

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