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A refined fragrance for any discerning gentleman, it will make the perfect gift for any season

This product has similar notes that are found in  Aventus

Top Notes: Apple Blackcurrant Leaves Pineapple Bergamot

Heart Notes: Juniper berries Birch Patchouli Jasmine

Base Notes: Vanilla Musk Oakmoss Ambergris

Chypre Fruity group.

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No664 Inspired by Aventus is a Chypre Fruity fragrance for men.

No664 Inspired by Aventus blends the alluring notes of bergamot, pineapple, birch, peppery rose, jasmine and patchouli on a rich base of oakmoss to create a  masculine sophisticated scent.

No664 Inspired by Aventus represent the strength and vision of great leaders, capturing the essence of power, success, and confidence. The scent is designed for the modern man who is bold, daring, and always in control.

No664 Inspired by Aventus is the perfect fragrance for all occasions, whether it be a casual daytime event or a formal evening affair. It can be worn alone or layered with other fragrances to create a custom scent that is unique to you. Apply a small amount to pulse points, such as the neck, wrists, and behind the ears, for a long-lasting and luxurious experience.

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5 Tricks to make your perfume last longer (suggestions)                                                                 
No664 Inspired by Aventus 
Have you wondered why the scent of your perfume only lasts for like two hours max before it starts to fade away? Hate to break it to you, but the answer is in exactly how (and where) you’re applying your perfume, and you’re probably doing it wrong. (I know, I’ve been there.) Don’t stress though, because I’ve compiled a list of 5 easy perfume hacks to help you figure out how to apply perfume and make it last for hours so you smell really good. Keep reading for all of the tips and tricks.
How to apply perfume Tip 1: Spray it on your clothes                                                                         
No664 Inspired by Aventus 
Don’t just stick to spraying perfume on your body spritz it all over your clothes too. Clothing fibres are able to hold in scents for a very long time.
How to apply perfume Tip 2: Spritz, Do not Mist                                                                                 
No664 Inspired by Aventus 
Do you know how some people spray a bunch of perfume into the air and then walk through it? Yeah, don’t do that—you’re just wasting product and the scent will evaporate after a short amount of time. A direct spritz on to bare skin is all you need to keep the perfume scent on you for longer.
How to apply perfume Tip 3: Rup vaseline on first                                                                             
No664 Inspired by Aventus 
Rub Vaseline on your pulse points before spraying your perfume to make the scent last longer. The ointment holds the fragrance to your skin longer than if you were to spray it onto dry skin.
How to apply perfume Tip 4: Spray your perfume right after taking a shower                                   
No664 Inspired by Aventus 
The moisture on your skin will help lock in the scent. This will also prevent the perfume from staining super delicate clothes.
How to apply perfume Tip 5: Do not rub your wrists together                                                             
No664 Inspired by Aventus 
Don’t dab the perfume on your wrists after spraying. If you rub your wrists together, you’ll force the scent to disappear faster than intended—aka your perfume won’t last as long.

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33 reviews for *No664 | Inspired by Aventus

  1. paul

    lovely fragrance smell exactly the same to the original one and last all day, thank you

  2. Tom

    I bought the fragrance last week its amazing, i love it

  3. Becky

    Omg it smells like the real fragrance and last all day for only £26.66 per 100ml, what an amazing experience, 🙂

  4. Mark

    Bought this a few weeks ago lovely smelling fragrance.

  5. Peter

    Best fragrance I have ever bought so far, smells exactly the same to Creed Aventus in a fantastic price, highly recommend 🙂

  6. Matthew

    Great value great fragrance lasts all day, thank you Fragrance and Glamour 🙂

  7. Daniel

    Amazing experience, tried it as friend suggested . I will never buy any brand name. This product is fantastic. Excellent service as well.

  8. Mark

    Top quality, saved me well over £100, smells the same and lasted more than 7 hours on me.

  9. Steve

    I bought that product last week, it is a great value for money, awesome smell, and the most important of all long lasting 🙂

  10. David

    I received my order today No644 similar to Aventus. Absolutely fantastic smell is exactly the same as the real thing and lasts all day 🙂 5 stars

  11. Chris

    Very fast delivery, smelt amazing like the real Aventus

  12. Adam K

    My order has just arrived, it smells amazing! Exactly like the original Aventus , highly recommended.

  13. Jennifer Harland (verified owner)

    Bought this for my brother in law based on reviews and he seemed to really like it. It smells lovely. Very strong.

  14. Brad

    This is a great product, very similar to the original, great customer service too

  15. Victoria Carroll

    I have bought various perfumes and aftershaves and I have to say the quality is amazing very high end I have the original creed and no difference stays on all day and get lots of compliments my partner is now buying and is delighted with the quality service is amazing…only one problem I cant stop buying 🥰 amazing products 👍

  16. Paul A

    Loved this fragrance just what I wanted, posted as promised. Will definitely buy again from Fragrance and Glamour

  17. Warren H66 (verified owner)

    Never had original Aventus but looking at the reviews it’s identical, all I know is I’m so glad I’ve purchased it from Fragrance and Glamour because it’s an awesome scent and so strong, will never get original of any branded scents. Long live Fragrance and Glamour, keep these unbelievable scents coming you’re doing a great job👍😀

  18. James Rigby (verified owner)

    I’ve only ever smelt inspired by creed so not sure on that comparison but as a stand alone fragrance absolutely love this awesome fragrance with great longevity from morning through to night a must buy in my opinion I’ll definitely be getting more

  19. Jack

    Smells amazing, exactly like the original Aventus, long-lasting as well highly recommend

  20. George

    This is an incredible smell and it lasts for ages!!!

  21. Adam

    This scent is absolutely amazing I feel so great when I wear it. I will be back for more. 🙂

  22. Jacobs J

    I ordered No664 last Monday and I had so many compliments over the weekend. Fantastic scent and lasts for ages, I can not wait to get more.

  23. Thomas

    This fragrance is fantastic absolutely love it, it smells fantastic like the real one, I work 8-9 hours shifts and lasts all-day.

  24. Ryan

    This fragrance smell amazing, I am so glad I ordered the 100ml. My wife love it as well 🙂 We believe this fragrance smells better than the original. Incredibly happy customer.

  25. Max

    Awesome fragrance, smells so so similar to the real Aventus. Definitely recommend.

  26. James

    I believe it smells better than the original Aventus you only need 2-3 sprays and it does last all day and night. It is actually a very strong eau de parfum.

  27. Anthony

    Great service, from start to finish, great customer service and the fragrance is perfect. To be honest I was not expecting this fragrance to last as long. Can’t wait to order again!

  28. Harrison

    I am so impressed with this smell it is so similar to the original Aventus. Spot on F&G

  29. Roco

    This is the best copy of Aventus, last so long as well. I will be back for more x

  30. Allan

    This is my fourth order so far. Excellent customer service. The perfume is so strong that I can smell it for hours, and it smells like Aventus. I receive so many compliments all day long.

  31. Mark

    I am super impressed it is very much like the original Aventus and lasts an amazingly long time. Thank you guys 🙂

  32. Scott

    Undoubtedly the finest aftershave! Its captivating fragrance lingers throughout the day, mirroring the authentic scent perfectly. Fragrance and Glamour is a must-try, highly recommended , and I’ll certainly return for more. Many thanks!

  33. Jake P

    The scent is incredible—indistinguishable from the original, but at a much better price. I will definitely be purchasing my perfumes from here from now on.

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